Since you people have made it difficult to consistently have dinners twice a month, we will be available for private dinner parties, (I really can’t believe I’m doing this) Friday and Saturday by reservation only.  A minimum party of eight and two weeks notice is all that is required.  This way nobody has to beat themselves up on their schedule, most of all….me.  We will also have Guest Chef Dinners.  Check our Calendar (under News and Events) to see when they may occur.  Light dinners ($15) are available when there is Friday night music.  Again, check our Calendar for these dates.

Enjoy dining the way it was meant to be. Out in the openness of nature, quiet, secluded, above and beyond romantic, tasty and delicious.

Dinners tend to begin between 6 and 8 with a mixed set of international cheeses and a meet and greet.

Plates are priced per couple with wine,  basically that means that we will set you up with different wines according to the course that we are serving. And these wines will change according to how I feel like cooking that evening, so don’t bother asking (hahaha!!).  In a nutshell, we will always be cooking the posted menu, however, we shoot from the hip and some days may be spicier or more subtle than others.  Prices will vary with the menu and the season and the number of courses and range from $150 per couple to $175 per couple.  Call 859-375-0296 for the latest and greatest and to make your reservation.

The only guarantees that I will make:

You will have fun.
You will be pleasantly full.
You will thank the person you came with.
You will thank us.

We are Kentucky Proud.  As such we do try to design our menus around the seasons and to use as many Kentucky Proud ingredients as we can.  Menus will change according to availability.  There will always be greeter, appetizer, entree, salad and dessert.  Have allergies?  Just let us know. 

All that being said, the menu for the rest of 2011 July and August with the main focus being Jamaica:  $125 per couple

Course numero uno: International Cheeses

Number two:  to be honest and fair, I have no friggin’ idea, but, I can tell you what it might be,

Salmon skewers, or, conch soup, or, fresh tomato basil with white fish and crab/lobster, this course will change according to how saucy I am feeling.

My apologies but I don’t want to get bored doing the same thing all the time. Trust me when I say it is a win-win

Number three:  Your choice of :

1) White fish with white wine shrimp remoulade sauce
2) Filet with red wine shrimp and molasses sauce
3) Jerk chicken with white wine cream and shrimp sauce

(please note that I may take the liberty and switch crab with the shrimp)

Number Four:

We do salads after mains, we’re European, get used to it

Citrus Salad w/fresh vinaigrette

Number Five:

Kentucky Silk Pie with Ginger Snaps

Notes about reservations:

You will call with reservations and put down $40 to reserve your table, with the rest to be paid upon finish of dining.

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of life, so if you need to cancel, that is understandable but you will be charged. However, if you redo your invitation within 2 months of original reservation, we will add this charge as a credit to your dinner.

With all that being said: Call 859-375-0296 or (Greg) 859-805-1674 for reservations.